Thursday, June 25, 2009

everyone is beautiful at the ballet.....

watched "a chorus line" for the first time last nite. even tho it's a 'dancing' movie, i wasn't really impressed with it. funny that......i love dance, but don't like those famous "dance" movies! (a chorus line, saturday night fever, staying alive, dirty dancing, flashdance. wonder why that is???) of the songs really hit, me, tho, and might just explain why my heart has always been with the dance. (and music in general, i'd suppose)

check it:

"Diff'rent" is nice, but it sure isn't pretty

."Pretty" is what it's about.

I never met anyone who was "diff'rent"

Who couldn't figure that out.

So beautiful I'd never lived to see.

But it was clear,

If not to her,Well, then... to me...

That ...

Everyone is beautiful at the ballet.

Every prince has got to have his swan.

Yes, Everyone is beautiful at the ballet.

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