Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i used to dance when i was younger....took lessons and the whole nine. in fact, my mom told me that i was dancing before i was talking. ;-) (watching 'american bandstand' and doing the twist at age 2!) in my teens....i decided that boys and bands were much more important than dance, so i stopped taking lessons. (my one regret in life!) i did keep dancing, tho, for a long, long time and was extremely flexible and limber. (used to win dance contests at clubs. i was GOOD!) well....as we all know life and age get in the way sometimes, and a couple of years ago i realized that while in years past i could bend from the waist and put my hands flat on the floor effortlessly...........i had gotten to the point that i could barely touch my toes!! i decided to make it a point to stretch more, and i did do that, but not as much as i should. then, last year when i started watching DANCING WITH THE STARS....i really got motivated. i *used* to be in that kind of shape.........dancing shape..........and i decided to start doing a mixture of yoga and dance exercises to get more limber and flexible. well.....i'm not exactly sure of the date that i started, but i know it was sometime in february or march of 2008. i have been doing my stretches/yoga every day but sunday (it's the day of rest, after all. haha!) for a little over a year! who would have ever thought i would have stuck with it this long??? and? i can put my hands flat on the floor, bending from the waist and NOT bending the knees.....and stand that way for an hour if i needed to!! so yeah.......i'm proud of myself. i think i deserve a party!!!!! ;-)

Friday, March 27, 2009


i don't like them, but that seems to be all i'm offered anymore. every once in awhile, it would be nice to be invited to the 'real' dinner.......even if i'm not hungry at the time. oh well....i suppose i should be thankful. maybe this is why i've lost weight.

(and yes.....i'm being metaphorical....or is it allegorical? i can never remember!! lol!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

wisdom from the queen..........

who would have ever thought that one would hear some sheer brilliance on "rupaul's drag race?" well, *i* never would have, but i was watching the obligatory reality show reunion episode, and was totally blown away by ru saying "what other people think of me is none of my business!" he was trying to convince the girls to believe in themselves and not let others get them down. that statement completely hit home with me. in the past few years i've had too many instances of petty, jealous people saying nasty things about me, and saying them to people that i *thought* mattered. (those people believed them) it's been painful, and at moments still is. the next time i start to drift, tho, and feel badly about OTHER people's lies and betrayal.....i hope i can remember ru's words of wisdom. what OTHER people say and what OTHER people believe is none of my business. i know the truth, and the truth, friends, will set you free!!!! and to those of you that i'm referring to in this bloglett (the liars and those who believed them): you might want to launder your karma.................

Sunday, March 1, 2009

did hell freeze over?

it must have, because it snowed here in atlanta!!!!! we got 3-4 inches. i know that folks up north who suffer thru blizzards each winter can't understand our reactions to the white stuff, but it rarely snows here, and when it does we aren't equipped to deal with it. luckily, it's sunday, so we were able to just kick back and enjoy the day. i actually went out and *attempted* to make my very first snowman! of course....i have NO idea how to do it since snow is something i never see, and i found out that it's not a whole lot of fun to try to make one by yourself.....but i thought i should take advantage of this rare phenomenon and at least give it a shot! :) i had fun.....even tho he looks rather silly! anyhow....i'm off to drink a cup of tea, crank in some music and read!! how sublime.............

Listen to the briskly whistling winter evergreen

Whispering through the frozen morning light

And tell me what's to come

Saying my time is near

Never fear

How close each year

I'm winter

Reminding me to trade my t-shirts for my woven wools

Trade my sandals for my skis

Whispered warnings in the wind

Saying soon come the dancing snowflakes

They're kissing every tree

They're kissing you and me

Please hurry


Dazzling dancing diamonds from the sky


Rainbow sparkled flurries in our eyes

Whipping across the frozen crystal metal pines of ice

Race the snow

We'll spend the mornings by our bed

They cuddle close and wine and dine

The setting sun

The morning light will blind those eyes

Shooting down the glistening

OutsideScreaming through the whispering pines

The freedom of each day

Will cleanse our minds

I can hardly wait for winter

I can hardly wait for the snow

I can hardly hardly wait for winter

I can hardly wait for the snoW

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

(thanks to CHICAGO for "song of the evergreens")