Thursday, October 28, 2010

let's do the time warp again!!!

i know i've blogged before about how funny my birds are and how they sing to songs they love!!! just the other nite, watching GLEE, i discovered what is apparently one of geddy's favorite songs! the show was a tribute to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and the last song was "the time warp." ged went nuts!! don't think i've ever heard him sing as loud or exhuberantly. seems he's a big fan of doing the time warp again. LOL!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

when we were beautiful:

just watched bon jovi's "when we were beautiful" and had a good cry. thanks to the jovi boys for touching my life once again. how many times have they managed to do it in the past 30 years? :) i lost count 20 years ago.

life isn't easy for me right now..........i am TRULY 'livin' on a prayer' ....and the honesty and candor they showed in the film did me more good than they will ever know! sometimes we find blessings in the oddest of places, altho after all these years, i certainly shouldn't be surprised when bon jovi is the vehicle for one. like i isn't the first time and i'm quite sure it won't be the last. thank you, LORD, for that gift.

now.....just let me be able to afford to go see them the next time they come to town..........

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

why can't we walk the talk?

pondering why we as humans are always so willing to believe in others. in my lifetime (which, altho i FEEL really fracking old is REALLY a reasonably short period of time...) i have learned that very few people are truly by your side and 'there for you'.....despite what they may say. we are all full of platitudes and pledges of love and friendship. people claim quickly to be your friend, but how many of us really *show* it? seems to me that the 'proof is in the pudding' and it saddens me to say that i have very, VERY rarely had "friends" who showed the friendship by thier actions when the chips were down and the love was needed the most!

in case anyone reading this gets the wrong idea......i'm not talking about you!!! (smile) the people that were the reason for the blog are some of those who i met thru "GB world" and claimed to be such "good" friends. now that i'm not heavily involved in that community....they can't be bothered to even say 'thank you' when i do them a favor....much less drop me a line every once in awhile just to say "hi." i'm not surprised, as i've learned to expect this from folks, but i said at the beginning of the blog, we always WANT to believe that people actually mean what they say. i guess if we didn't have that hope in our would be hard to go on from day to day.

anyhow, as for me personally....i'm going to TRY to be more of a friend to those i consider to be my pals. if i fall me a favor and please TELL ME! i want to walk the talk.........