Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Chuck Ruff!

Today would have been my brother-from-another-mother, Chuck Ruff's, 61st birthday. I miss him so very much. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of him and look forward to seeing him again one day. So......celebrated by going to see "Dark Shadows" with my sis. (Depp rules!) Then we watched a cheesy old horror flick, followed by "Pirate Radio." Hey....killer rock music and pirates...... What could be more Chuckles Ruffles than that? Hoisted ore or two in his honor as well. Wish I could be with Moni in Mexico. Maybe next year. (At least I could text her!)

Love and miss you, my brother. Thanks for loving me and changing me!! You are the sunshine......

Rock and roll soul..........

Ran into a former neighbor tonite. He was home to visit his parents with his new wife that I had never met. He introduced me as "the rock chick......into Led Zeppelin and all that sort of thing." I couldn't have been more proud!  If you have to leave a "legacy" could do worse, yeah?

We're having a party, yeah, yeah, everybody's invited,
The new generation along with the old.
If you could get with it just a little more, it don't take much
You'll find out if you've got some rock & roll soul, baby.

Ain't everybody in the world. So when you know what you got, let
everybody know,
You got some rock & roll soul.
So when you know what you got, let everybody know,
You got some rock & roll soul.

I know it when I'm feelin' groovy,
It's kind of funky like an old-time movie.
I can feel it and it's really something,
It's really something when my heart starts pumpin', yeah.

Tell everybody you know, you got some rock 'n roll soul.

(thanks to Mark Farner and Grand Funk for the lyrics and the song!)