Sunday, December 30, 2007

art for arts sake

Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for Arts sake
Money for Gods sake

Gimme the readys
Gimme the cash
Gimme a bullet Gimme a smash
Gimme a silver
gimme a gold
Make it a million for when I get old

Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for Arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Money talks so listen to it
Money talks to me
Anyone can understand it
Money can't be beat

Oh no When you get down, down to the root
Don't give a damn don't give a hoot
Still gotta keep makin the loot
Chauffeur driven

stonehenge just totally flipped me out by playing "art for art's sake" by 10 cc! i don't suppose i've heard that song since i was a teen. i always liked it, and part of the lyrics CERTAINLY nail the nature of the music biz....which you *all* know is a sore spot with me!!

everybody rides on the karma train

(thanks to mr richie sambora for the blog title! love you, rich!)

i've been wanting to blog for a few days now, but just haven't found the words to say. oh...i *know* what i *want* to say, but i don't want to name names or give specific details, so it makes it harder to put my point across. and, after all, i *am* trying to keep my karma clean, so i have to be cryptic i suppose. i have come to the conclusion that some people are put in your life to test your strength of character........and mine must REALLY need testing because in the last few years quite a few folks have been put in my path that test me almost daily! i have always been a rather easy going person....and easy to get along with as well. the last few years have brought people into my realm of existence that i have a hard time being nice to (which is not like me at all!!!)....altho i always manage (i think!) to do so. there is one in particular that i have tried....i mean really befriend. recently i emailed this person several times, a couple of those times to inquire about thier health (which hadn't been so good) and every time was ignored. for some reason this person and i just clash. i've always attributed it to a bit of the fact that maybe this person always needs to be "better" at things than i was, and therefore the animosity might be a bit of jealousy?? many times i've thought that the nastiness i feel from this person was all in my imagination, but i have had a couple of other people notice it as well, so i'm guessing it's not just me that feels like i'm being treated unfairly. anyway......the natural human reaction would be to tell said person off....and there have been sooooo many times that i've been tempted. but, i always manage to rise above (thank you, LORD!) and, as i said earlier.....i'm keeping my karma clean!! (side note...i had two people this week tell me that i must have the cleanest karma of anyone they knew! thanks y'all!!! it's been a trying time. i needed your encouragement!) now that i've added those wonderful comments from my friends as a side note, i realize that it's not really a side note at all, but the POINT of this blog. as richie says so well in "ballad of youth": we all ride on the karma train. i am trying very hard to "do unto others" and the support and love i get from my friends is often what helps me thru!! you are all angels and the hand of GOD in my life every day! and to the person that continually manages to "get under my skin".........YOU might take heed. "instant karma's gonna get you!" we are not amused. of my angel friends made this comment to me today referring to said person:
"...ah are what god made to make us appreciate our lovely friends!!"
well said!! that made me laugh, and realize how right she was!!! it's the things that annoy the piss outta us that make us appreciate all the beautiful things we have in our life.....and the beautiful people.

those of you who are my TRUE friends.............i love you!!! i wish i could show you more than i do.......but know that you are in my heart AND in my prayers!

listening to: stonehenge

reading: charles dickens, david copperfield

desperate measures for desperate times...

welp...looks like i'll be giving blogspot a try. when i started blogging many moons ago i was using myspace. myspace has "issues" so i moved my blogging place to yahoo 360.....and now *they* are starting with the issues as well. so..........let's give the blogspot a whirl!!

as my friend debbie says: peace, love and pixie sticks! :)