Monday, June 29, 2009

doin' the happy dance!!!

after a fight for most of the month and 22 times of corresponding with the technicians at yahoo (yes, i have them all saved!), i think they have *finally* figured out a way to fix our little problem, and stop the nasty troll from trying to sabotage the group. we still have an "adult" catagory, BUT, we also show up when a search is done for a gerry group, which was what my concern was all along!!! after over 4 years of hard work, i just wanted new fans to be able to find us! so......thanks to the wonderful folks at yahoo for working so hard and letting me bug them multiple times a day....and for coming up with a solution!! let's hope this is the end of the evil.

for the record: at one point in church yesterday the whole "loving your enemies" and praying for them thing came up. that is HARD, HARD, HARD to pray for the best for people that persecute you, but ya know what? that's exactly what i did last nite! i tried to empty my heart of the anger, and just ask GOD to take care of them. lo and seem to be fixed. coincidence? i think not.

it's too hot and humid to move here today, but i've been doing the happy dance anyway!! woot, woot!!!! :)