Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new beginnings

here's what an "intuitive" told me in the wee, early hours of 2008:

>>YOur guides name is Angelina she is your counselor guide. Her message for you is to put yourself first. I know its going to be hard because you do everything for everyone. <<
and, i should mention....she doesn't know me. hmmm. or? maybe she does.

anyway.....i'm glad to see 2008! i'm hoping this year i will be able to find my passion again, and not be "sad eyes" anymore. my resolution is to become more in tune......that much i *know* i can do.....and to not let others get me down like i have let myself do in the past year. it's totally contrary to my nature and it HAS TO STOP!

the sky this evening near sunset looked like a maxfield parrish painting. what a gift....and i'm going to take it as a good omen for this year, altho my mood was parrish blue most of the day!

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Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

from everything i have read, our guides steer us from the other side...to follow what is in our destined charts...charts and lives that we agree to follow before we come here...i have a feeling things don't seem that complicated before we're earthbound..and we agree to all sorts of complicated things..i can just hear myself...oh yeah..piece of cake (not realizing i'd have to deal with the person who is mother!)...i'm always asking my guide why the heck did would i choose this?!? ...especially when something goes haywire...i have a feeling my guide has to have a good sense of humor to listen to me all the time...lol