Wednesday, March 2, 2011

do it for love...........

have you ever bought an album or cd and not really connected with it until much, much later? i've been a fan of hall and oates since about 1975...way before it was cool. i remember being made fun of for being a fan, answering the question "hall and who??" and being able to get front row seats to their shows easily because, well, nobody wanted to go see them but me. LOL! i fell away for a minute or two in the 80s when the airwaves were oversaturated with them, but i never stopped being a fan, and in the last few years i've gone to see them again a couple of times and i still listen to them often. i bought "do it for love" when it came out in 2003. i remember thinking it had some nice tunes on it, but it didn't really "click" with me. i suppose i was probably in a heavier phase at that time.....i don't really know. but: popped the cd in the player today and completely and totally fell in love! what a collection of tunes! there isn't a weak song on the album, and some are so incredible that they leave me breathless. it just struck me as funny that i've had this cd in my collection for 8 years......and am JUST NOW realizing how marvelous it is. LOL! maybe it was meant for me here.....for me now. thanks to daryl and john as always, for being one of the biggest joys of my life. i acknowledged again today, that i can be in the worst of moods, and the music of H&O can touch my soul and lift me up. what a gift.

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