Sunday, March 20, 2011

bye bye ronny

on our drive to jekyll island last week i discovered that there is nothing better than driving thru the deep south and listening to the ARS. then i thought: i need to blog about that when i get home! i couldn't have been more shocked when ronny hammond passed away the day we returned to atlanta. i have always been a fan of the rhythm section, and nowadays when i listen to the songs i take such a lovely magical mystery tour.....back in time when life was easier and slower and being southern meant something to me. i thought i knew what life was about back then, and never wanted to leave the deep south. the mindset of those days still has its place in my dreams, and i'm thankful for ARS's music and spanish moss to remind me of it.....even if now i know that it really was a pipe dream. (third annual? maybe.... smile) i'll miss you ronny, but we'll have a large time jukin' at the champagne jam in the sky! peace, brother!

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