Monday, January 12, 2009

the surreal life

was watching gerry on the golden globes last nite, and i had the wierdest sensation and train of thought. he's been a big A list star for awhile now, but i guess seeing him as a presenter on a major awards program just felt so, i dunno, surreal. i still feel like i'm back in the days....nearly 8 years ago when i first became a fan....and i had to hear the question "who???" when i told folks who my favorite actor was. it's also hard to believe that the yahoo group (gerard butler: pride of scotland) is 4 years old now. "hit" me the one day last week that the group has been around longer than most of the katrillion gerry fansites out there with the exception of just a few. we even beat the GALS by a few short months! and, among the katrillion yahoo sites out there, we're among the oldest that is still active. (quite a few older, but most of them have died down to a trickle and are spam infested!) his rise to superstardom is well deserved, and probably long overdue, and yet most days i'm still surprised at how many millions of fans he has now. (and how nutty a good majority of them can be. lol!) i rather miss the old days, but i'm thrilled for gerry, wish him nothing but the best and continued success, and can't wait to see what the next 8 years bring!!!!

also, i just talked with edgar a few minutes ago. again...surreal. if you would have told me back in the day when i was a 14 year old rock loving glitter queen that one day i would actually know and talk to some of the members of my absolute favorite rock band at the time, well, i would have probably internally combusted!!! sometimes i *still* have to give myself a little pinch to make it sink in. i am certainly honored and blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with edgar and chuck, and i wouldn't trade the experience for *anything!* yep.......we all had a real good time indeed!!!

some things about life for me right now are as wrong as they've ever been, but some things? well....some things are just good!

what a long strange trip it's been...........

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