Saturday, September 6, 2008

heart songs.....

you know.....i had intended to write a nasty blog venting about hypocrisy and a few other things stuck in my craw, but then i heard this song on the radio tonite. i am not a weezer fan, but these lyrics just really connected with me. music is *such* a gift from healing, my therapy, my sanity, my friend. when things are going wrong (or i'm just bitchy and want to vent) music can somehow make it right! there isn't time for my to list all of my own personal "heart songs".....we'd be here until this time tomorrow....or i'll just let these lyrics speak for now:

Gordon Lightfoot

Sang a song

About a boat

That sank in the lake

At the break Of the morning

A Cat named Stevens

Found a faith

He could believe in

And Joan Baez

I never listened

Too much jazz

But hippie songs

Could be heard

In our pad

Eddie Rabbitt sang

About how much

He loved a rainy night

Abba, Devo, Benatar

Were there the day

John Lennon died

Mr. Springsteen said

He had a hungry heart

Grover Washington

Was happy on the day

He topped the charts

These are the songs

These are my heart songs

They never feel wrong

And when I wake

For goodness sake

These are the songs I keep singin'

Quiet Riot got me started

With the bangin' of my head

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest

And Slayer

Taught me how to shred

I've got to admit though

Sometimes I would listen

To the radio

Debbie Gibson

Tell me that you think

We're all alone

Michael Jackson's

In the mirror

I've gotta have faith

If I wanna see clear

Never gonna give you up

Wish me love Or wishing well

It takes two to make

A thing go right

If the Fresh Prince

Starts a fight

Don't you worry

For too long

'Cause you know

These are the songs

Back in 1991

I wasn't havin' any fun

'Till my roommate said

"Come on and put a brand new record on"

Had a baby on it

He was naked on it

Then I heard the chords

That broke the chains

I had upon me

Got together with my bros

In some rehearsal studios

Then we played

Our first rock show

And watched the fan base

Start to grow

Signed the deal that gave

The dough to make

A record of our own

The song come

On the radio

Now people go

This is the song

These are my heart songs

They never feel wrong

And when I wake

For goodness sake

These are the songs

I keep singing

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