Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy autumnal equinox

ok, so i'm a day late in posting my "happy fall" blog...sue me!! lol!! i love the autumn season, despite the fact that i have RAGING allergies this time of year. (and i started autumn 2008 being sick with a bad cold and fever!) still.....there is a crispness in the air....and it gives me hope that cooler air is just around the corner....you know...in january. hahaha! (hey! i live in atlanta....we don't really have winter anymore!) today was perfect southern fall weather....sunny, low 80s and a brisk breeze. AND......the moon was out in the day. tried to get a pic of it with my cell camera, and we all know how crappy those cameras are, but hey.....ya work with what ya got! seeing the moon and the sun in the sky at the same time is rather magical.....GOD's light show!

as a side note: "dancing with the stars" started their new season tonite, too!! i'm jazzed, and still thankful to that show for 'inspiring' me........

even sick: life is good!!

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