Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Seaching for bliss....

I was enlightened to a "truth" yesterday, or at least a point of view that I had never thought of, but that makes  perfect sense to me. We, humans, are spirits in a material body. This earth is a temporary home and we spend our entire lives searching/longing to get back "home" and to once again, have our souls at peace and reside in GODly  bliss. The reason we use alchohol and drugs is part of the search......the eternal quest to reclaim our bliss!! WOW! I had never thought of things this way, but it seems like the perfect answer to so many questions. Might also be the reason that GOD gave us marijuana, peyote and other NATURAL highs: our reminders of where we came from and eventually return.  I think that music (some of it, anyway!) helps to send our minds and souls closer to the Source Joy as well.  My mind is boggled.  Thanks Donovan (via ???) for the gleam. Quite right-ly! :)

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