Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Magical mystery tour...........

I've been stuck in the 60s (and early to mid 70s) lately, it seems. Listening mostly to music from that era, watching old TV shows and movies that were made back then, and even wearing my tie dyes most of the time! LOL! Nothing wrong with it, I suppose. There were some GREAT shows and clothes from the psychedelic era and we all know how much the music rocked. Even so, I think I had an epiphany about my sudden complete obsession with that point in history. I think it's because that was back when I was still full of hope and idealism, and still believed in faith and love. I'm trying to recover the "old" me. (Or rather...the YOUNG me!) When listening to that music, my head goes back to a happier time and place, and I still feel like things will all turn out ok....or at least I can escape from what the reality of my life is, anyway. Sucks being old sometimes, but on the other hand, I am sooooooooo glad that I had that era the first time around to be my holiday in my mind now in 2012!!!

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