Tuesday, July 5, 2011

too many hands...........

"Too Many Hands"

She's one of a kind

Sometimes hard to find

Like a rainbow

Well, she's lost all her glory

And could tell you some stories

That we all should know

And there's too many hands

Being laid on her

Too many eyes will never see

That it's dragging her down

But you won't hear a sound as

She turns 'round

Her beauty all aflight

It always seems to turn the tide

At midnight

And for her there is no rest

We are doing what is best

For our future

One of these days she may not

Be so good to you

One of these days she might

Shake you to the ground

But her fire is still Burning

And her heart is still yearning

To be found

This song may be 30 plus years old, but I rather feel like it was written for me just recently....sad, but true.

Side note: I miss the old Eagles....back when Randy and Bernie were still band members, and the egos hadn't taken over.

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Capricorn Tales said...

Hey girlie, that made me want to cry. very deep...very poetic....