Friday, September 17, 2010

silver linings....... i know that i wanted to lose some of this weight that i've gained since i gave up the smokes, but i didn't REALLY want to get a nasty case of the tummy flu to do it!! i mean, c'mon! was that really necessary??????

whilst we're on the subject of smokes, i gotta say that it's a good thing that i am broke and jobless right now. if i weren't....i'd be picking up the habit again in a heartbeat. i miss it, i've gained so much weight that i can't fit in most of my clothes (and i worked SOOOO hard to lose that weight the first time!), i don't feel better physically, and it hasn't helped with allergy season at all like i had hoped. oh...and did i mention that i MISS IT????????? so i guess it's a good thing that i a dead broke. sigh.

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