Monday, November 9, 2009

good things come to those who wait

because it's "that time of year".....fall allergies and the heat is on.....i have a raging headache and just don't have what it takes to write a proper blog and to say all that i could and *should* say about my trip to chattanooga over the weekend to see the edgar winter band. then again....maybe not much really needs to be said. all you really need to know is that i've been a fan since i was a young teen, and have had a working relationship with edgar for 2-3 years, so the fact that i finally got to meet him face to face was just beyond wonderful. he's as gracious and kind in person as i expected, and i got the extra treat of the fact that all his band members and crew are just as gracious and kind as he! we had some snafus in our weekend trip, but everything worked for the best and i'm so thankful that i had the opportunity to make the trip and meet everyone! i feel very! i AM very blessed! :)

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