Tuesday, October 6, 2009

lessons learned.....

we live to learn and learn to live, i guess.

my own problem is that i learn my lessons and forget them all too quickly.

i've learned that i should keep most of what i feel to myself. things that matter to *me* don't necessarily matter to anyone else nor should they, and i should remember that, and not try to project my angst or anger on others.

i've learned that i hate, hate, HATE dealing with any fans, any time, any where. i should never, ever do this.

i've learned that life is too short to stress over things that you have no control over and that we should all relax more and not worry about silly things.
i've learned that i shouldn't really try to express what i am REALLY feeling in a blog, because it never seems to work out.
i've learned all these things.....sometimes i've learned them over and over again. but do i REMEMBER what i've learned?
um. that would be no.
i guess the main thing that i've learned is that i never learn.

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