Thursday, November 6, 2008

true colors.........

so, while we're on the subject of trees........(and i certainly was in my last blog--- sorta---)....we have the most beautiful maple tree in our front yard, and this year it's especially outstanding in it's fall clothes. i watch folks drive down the street and slow down and just stare at it in awe. all the walkers do the same. on election day i had a lady actually pull in the driveway just to tell me that she had never seen such a gorgeous tree, and that she's always wanted to just sit under it and stare up at all the beautiful colors!! i told her she was welcome any time, but i don't know if she's actually done it yet or not. i was also taking out the trash this morning and a little old man drove up, stopped his car, got out and started taking pictures. i tell you, you really feel the majesty of GOD and are humbled at how beautiful nature is when you see something so lovely. nothing man can create can even come close. humans may cause the world to seem like an ugly place, but there is beauty everywhere......sometimes right outside your front door!

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