Friday, August 22, 2008

perpetual motion, dreams and karma

i AM perpetual motion. always have been. always will be. my first word was "rock" as in...."rock me, mama....i can't sit still!" my rocking chair broke today. GASP! i guess it's a good thing that the next two days are going to be so jam packed with 'motion' that i won't have time to rock anyway. i won't be home long enough to even sleep...or buy a new chair.....or keep up with my internet duties. i'm actually looking forward to monday for a change. and then....i GOTTA get myself a new rocker!!!

in other news: it's been a strange day. dream visitations can really, REALLY wear me out. i'm not sure where they come from, or what they mean, and i'm frankly glad that they don't happen too often as they leave me exhausted. it's not that the 'visitor 'is the contrary... but when the dream is so real you can touch it, it tends to leave me completely drained. i guess i overthink, or more like over-wonder. i can't believe these dreams really mean anything as many say they do, but one can always hope. and wonder. and be exhausted.

lastly: vindication is a beautiful thing, especially when one can feel it without rancor. and vindication is especially beautiful when it occurs on more than one level. i guess there is something to the old adage: i must be living right.
peace, baybees!!!!!


Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

ahhh yes...when you live "right", all is ok with the world...for every action there is a's the law of nature..always has and always will you! (and that fabulous photo!!)

Karen Foley said...

What a great photo...and yes, I know what you mean about dreams, and how they can leave you feeling completely exhausted. I don't mind so much when those dreams are about Gerry, though!