Thursday, May 8, 2008

you never really know.........

when someone you know....or used to know....turns out to be one of the most influential people on earth!!! lol!! this blows my mind!!

During the past 40 years, Lee has brought unparalleled ratings and economic success to radio stations in over 200 markets, including 97 of the top 100 winning 318 programming battles, while losing only 11. Since 1998 he has worked as the Chief Creative Officer for XM Satellite Radio. In 1993, Newsweek listed Lee as one of America's "100 Cultural Elite" for his influence on radio. Radio Ink listed Lee as one of the 75 most important radio figures of all time[1] and as one of the 40 most powerful people in radio.[2] Abrams' voice-over commentary appears on the album Vulture Culture from The Alan Parsons Project

Lee joined XM in the next generation of radio: satellite direct radio. With 101 stations to develop and program, Lee is once again challenged to reinvigorate the radio landscape. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., XM offers 70 music channels - more than any other satellite radio service. Plus 30 channels of news, talk, sports and entertainment including comedy and children's programming. The service is targeted to the nation's 200 million plus automobile and truck drivers as well as home radio users. The basic monthly subscription is $12.95. The radio subscription service recently celebrated its 9 millionth subscriber.

More than 35 of XM's music channels are commercial-free; the other music channels carry limited advertising and are limited to no more than six minutes of advertising per hour -- a fraction of the 18 minutes or more per hour that today's FM stations carry.

As a founding partner of Burkhart/Abrams, the Atlanta-based consulting giant, Lee invented and built album rock, the first successful FM format. He also designed numerous other highly successful radio formats including the first classic rock format at San Francisco's KFOG; the first FM urban/dance format at New York's WKTU, the first new age/jazz format at KLRS SANTA CRUZ. In addition, he created the original blueprint for the NBC Source Network. His corporate clients have included every major broadcast group.

In 1989, Lee joined ABC Radio Networks as an internal consultant and oversaw the revolutionary Z-Rock format, which was the first satellite delivered superstation, as well as being the first "active rock" format, and was instrumental in the launch of Radio Disney.
In the '80s, Lee produced the Grammy-winning CD "Ah Via Musicom" by Eric Johnson, has appeared on several Alan Parsons Project CDs and worked with major labels and recording artists as a consultant and label head. Among his clients have been The Moody Blues, Yes, Steve Winwood, Iron Maiden, Winger, Bob Seger, Chico DeBarge, Jermaine Stewart, Stryper, Circle Jerks, and EMI Records.

Lee's other media projects have included the redesign of Rolling Stone magazine in the mid-'80s, the launch of TNT Cable Network, MTV, American marketing consultant to Swatch and advisor to dozens of entertainment companies including Disney, Island and Sony. In addition, Lee has been the subject of feature articles in hundreds of consumer publications including Playboy, Esquire, New York, Times, People and The Wall Street Journal.

Abrams was "the most influential radio guru of his generation". He pioneered a form of audience measurement and psychographics and invented album-oriented rock.[3]

Abrams resides in Northern Virginia with his wife, Sandra and two dogs. He is a commercial and instrument rated pilot. He has two grown children.

On March 11, 2008, Abrams submitted his resignation to XM. He was annouced March 11, 2008 as the Chief Innovation Officer for the Tribune Company.[4]


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