Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it's good to be queen.......

recently i met a lady on the internet, a fellow gerry fan, who had started her own yahoo group for him. i really don't have time for any more groups (i quit all of the ones i was on in the past year for lack of time and energy!) but i joined just to help her out by being a member since the group was new. there are only a few of us there, and apparently most of the members are newer fans, so in my "spare time" (cough, cough!) i've added a few pictures to the galleries and also answered a couple of questions that the members have had about gerry's career. i've been a fan of his for about 8 years or so which seems to be rather unusual in the "gerry community." in times past.....i've been a participant in groups, and been a source of information for different folks who haven't followed his career for quite as long as i have or quite as closely. i've never tried to act like the "queen of all gerry knowledge" (because i am certainly NOT!) and only offered my help when it was requested, and given information when it was asked of me. i've never minded.....i enjoy "sharing the love" but i've found that, unfortunately, not eveyone appreciates my help........EVEN when they were the ones who requested it. i've dealt with fan clubs/groups before, and i SHOULD have learned my lesson about how proprietal, competitive and hurtful fans can be to other fans. it's a mind set that i've never had and totally don't understand, but having dealt with it before, it shouldn't surprise me OR hurt me, but every time it does both of those things.

that being was really, really sweet (and funny in a private joke kind of way, right shells??) to read the following post on this new group that i joined:


I am pretty certain that this is the first time that a queen has ever been elected. But I put forward the nomination of Sami as Queen of Gerryland in honor of her dedication to our "country". Long live the Queen. Oh, and thanks too.

no, m.....thank YOU!!!! you made my day........and you'll never know how much!


Capricorn Tales said...

Private indeed! lol! hahaahh!

you are the queen and you know way more than I ever will!

Love ya!

Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

wanna know what pisses me off about info posted in the group messages? spend a alot of time getting info put it out to the group (as moderator)...and then it appears every flippin place else...with everyone else getting the indication where they got the info...i know you understand what i mean