Tuesday, April 15, 2008

don't forget to dance...

(the blog title is one of my favorite kinks songs, so i decided to borrow it! i hope ray davies doesn't mind!!!)

i've always rather been proud of myself for not getting caught up in the whole reality show thing, but just recently i've started watching "dancing with the stars" and i'm totally hooked. i guess the main attraction for me is that i used to dance, so i know how much hard work and training dancing is, and i can appreciate what these folks who have never professionally danced are going thru. i'm really pulling for cristian de la fuente......what a charmer he is.....even tho he was in the bottom two tonite. the MAIN great thing about my "DWTS" facination, tho, is that they have inspired me to start doing my dancing and yoga exercises again and to try to gain back some of the flexibility i used to have in droves!!! it's really a damn shame that i let myself go, and lost my flexible muscle tone! it will never be what it was in the "old days" but i can certainly get a bit of it back......and feel generally better as well as help stave off some of those old age maladies like arthritis!!! so......wish me luck. i've kept at it for two weeks............which is longer than most of my exercise phases last!!!

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Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

i'm not a reality tv aficionada..i do admit to watching idol...and dwts...interesting how these shows stir up conversation...perhaps it gives people a chance to voice an opinion in something other than the political arena..or like in your case...it's the basis of inspiration...to take the initiative to do something positive...good for you samz!!