Tuesday, July 7, 2009

peace, love and friends!

once again....my precious friends come thru with wonderful surprises on the days i seem to need them the most!! i got the pictured woodstock patch (ok...my cell camera sucks, but you get the idea) in the mail today from a dear pal with a sticky note attached that said "to my favorite hippie!" made my day!!! thanks R. loves ya!!!

and my horoscope for today:

you should take time to smell the roses. your tender heart my lean toward peace and quiet.

not much into astrology, but i liked that, and thought i'd add it in here for grins and giggles! it's a lovely message and fitting.

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Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

this goes along with my original Woodstock button..i actually have 2..i received the first from the theatre in NYC where they gave out buttons to the first hundred people to see the Woodstock movie..the second i purchaed online a few years ago..it too is an original