Sunday, March 1, 2009

did hell freeze over?

it must have, because it snowed here in atlanta!!!!! we got 3-4 inches. i know that folks up north who suffer thru blizzards each winter can't understand our reactions to the white stuff, but it rarely snows here, and when it does we aren't equipped to deal with it. luckily, it's sunday, so we were able to just kick back and enjoy the day. i actually went out and *attempted* to make my very first snowman! of course....i have NO idea how to do it since snow is something i never see, and i found out that it's not a whole lot of fun to try to make one by yourself.....but i thought i should take advantage of this rare phenomenon and at least give it a shot! :) i had fun.....even tho he looks rather silly! anyhow....i'm off to drink a cup of tea, crank in some music and read!! how sublime.............

Listen to the briskly whistling winter evergreen

Whispering through the frozen morning light

And tell me what's to come

Saying my time is near

Never fear

How close each year

I'm winter

Reminding me to trade my t-shirts for my woven wools

Trade my sandals for my skis

Whispered warnings in the wind

Saying soon come the dancing snowflakes

They're kissing every tree

They're kissing you and me

Please hurry


Dazzling dancing diamonds from the sky


Rainbow sparkled flurries in our eyes

Whipping across the frozen crystal metal pines of ice

Race the snow

We'll spend the mornings by our bed

They cuddle close and wine and dine

The setting sun

The morning light will blind those eyes

Shooting down the glistening

OutsideScreaming through the whispering pines

The freedom of each day

Will cleanse our minds

I can hardly wait for winter

I can hardly wait for the snow

I can hardly hardly wait for winter

I can hardly wait for the snoW

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

(thanks to CHICAGO for "song of the evergreens")


Jersey Girl said...

he looks great, hun! i really dig the hat ;)
i haven't built a snowman in ages so i'm not exactly sure i can remember how to make one, and i agree it's not fun to make one by yourself. would have come to help, but i had enough snow this winter. don't wanna see it again until december :)

Musing In The Light of Confusion said...

i believe he has significant character..and he's a sharp dresser to boot!